Reacting to Winning Most Handsome Face 2020

Avaldati 29 dets 2020
uhhhhhhhhh bros
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  • CONGRATULATIONS FELIX!!! -- It has been a long 6 year journey from 89th to 1st... but we are proud to have you as our 2020 #1. Best Wishes for 2021... 💜

    • @Miro A lol stay mad

    • Simp!

    • I FOLLOW EVERYONE BACK ON TIKTOK. My TikTok is bh.sulvur

    • 👏👏👏👏

    • A New Year is like a blank book, and the pen is in your hands. It is your chance to write a beautiful story for yourself. Happy New Year to you all🐻🍉😅

  • Look pewdipie in a nether 11:57

  • 3:02 damn bro 0_0

  • I am doing fun famous people astrology charts. Imagine my surprise that pewds is a scorpio. I didn't see that coming lol my guess was that he was a sag. Just felt like sharing that lol

  • Good


  • Where did you buy you jumper??


  • I feel so bad for Kate

  • Congratulations

  • If in 2010 the fans were 9 year olds and 2020 they are 19 year olds that means in 2070 we will be 69 year olds

  • 18 😂😂

  • host joji

  • I think we should thank the computers for enhancing pewdiepie's already handsome face and for making him even more hamdsome

  • Felix: any word!!!! Also Felix: the chair lits up

  • you have a dag

  • Taehyung is the most handsome faces ever💜💜🥺🥺aww taehyung 1st not 2nd😏

  • Hyunjin.... Felix... Wait- that's ... What the-.... 👁👄👁

  • Its feel weird when he didnt even upload in 1week..

  • Pewds:Imagine the brofi Me:and what

  • Bros sub to pewds quick cocmelon is catching up

  • 8:47, Me: Lazarbeam?

  • Who watched it after Drama Alert (Keemstar)

  • where are you papa felix. :(

  • Blatantly swears and then said frick lmao I love it

  • Can i be the next guest for meme review, i am very deserving.

  • At least he wasn’t 18th...

  • I’m sorry Pewds. It’s like everything you say something, someone is offended. ☹️

  • Like any harassment🇯🇵lwiay, anyone 's profit-seeker no end(;_;)

    • who googled sive

  • any other musicians get bothered by the off tempo bells in the intro? p.s. pewds i can fix that for u, its not hard

  • Can we talk about how his abs are literally a fjord?

  • 👍


  • patrick... i cant say that

  • Imagine if pewdiepie had a discord

  • Cringe

  • 17:19 close to what?

  • 17:20 ヒョンジン!!

  • What happens if you subscribe this channel?!

  • 영어를 모르니 아쉽네요. 세계적 유튜버의 방송을 알아듣지 못하다니...ㅎㅎ

  • Get on my page

  • Sub to DC BEAST03

  • I'm certain his wife agrees.

  • No pasta for you

  • who googled sive

  • Hi

  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaaaaaaa NEVER!!!

  • 오늘은 제 친구인 구형수의 생일입니다 댓글에 축하한다고 써주세요! Today is my friend, Hyung-soo's birthday. Please write congratulations in the comments



  • .....he does know Ravlioli is a pasta... right?

  • He was my eldest daughters first official crush. Awww. I love he won that. It's so cute. I actually started watching him 9 years ago when my daughter (at the time 8) started watching him . It was so cute watching her get all innocent crushing on someone for the first time.

  • 14:32 Indians fans be like "First time?"


  • anyone else notice that in the video where he's looking at being #1 handsomest man, "minecrafter" is misspelled? 16:59

  • I hate cocomelon

  • I was waiting for him to pause on hyunjin I just knew he would-

  • Noflex

  • You apologize to all from Finland but What about us from Denmark. Plz. We all love your videos

  • sub to me!

  • Pewdiepie videos that contain loads of swearing: *Exists* EEclone: "Nah, we won't age restricc." Video of an among us character shaking booty: *Also Exists* EEclone: "ATTACC! STRIKE IT WITH AGE RESTRICC!"

  • When he see the fan art of edgar at 14:22 he literally says edgie fedgie ”päron pung” which menas pear balls..

  • Hello there. I hear Hwang Hyunjin, I click. I see Kai for a millisecond, I click. I see Pewdiepie win, I click. It's simple 😌✨

  • felix, we arent the 19 y/o army anymore, were 20 now

  • .

  • The G fuel/proposal/tambourine dude should host meme rewiev btw ... kid deserves it . :)

  • ksi next to cohost


  • Thumbnail at 16:30

  • Any *ARMY* here???

  • *so here's what you are lookin for* 16:30

  • The thumbnail made me want to think "am i even straight ?"

  • lol

  • "Imagine the brofist" 😂

  • Where's the most handsome face of 2020?

  • Collab with NUX TAKU at LWHY

  • coolio 13:35

  • Anyway congratulation to u but we love our V so basically he IS the most handsome man IN 2020 AND ALL THE OTHER YEARS

  • تبادل اشتراكات/ دعم exchange subscriptions / support

  • Kpoper in the comments : Stays : 😍👏👏👏 The toxic one : V should be the 1st. TF bruh


  • i congratulate you on improving your face for 6 years straight. That persistence. amazing

  • Hei eg er din Største fan pewdiepie

  • The callout to Kate's felt so personal

  • PewDiePie Sponsor a Mr Beast video

  • i never thought i would see hyunjin in a pewdiepiew video :D

  • So FELIX 😎


  • It's so sad that pewdiepie said he has to avoid saying any jokes to avoid "controversy".

    • Y is it sad? Its his responsibility to be more sensitive given his platform

  • This is a certified Wholesome 100 Keanu Chungus Bruh Moment

  • One every year I tune into an upload to see why pewdie pie is the biggest creater on you tube. I still can't see it

  • He knows his reddit has gone to shit lmaooo

  • I literally laughed out loud, I found this so funny 8:50

  • 1:47

  • Rawaawwrrrr 😋😈

  • 4:30 Saiman

  • Just so you know as long as its not really bad. you can swear past the 3 minute mark

  • He is not handsome more then taehyung

  • jesus how long is this intro gonna stay for